Rehana Hussain

Rehana Hussain

Managing Director
London, United Kingdom
020 8741 9883
0208 741 3617

A solicitor specialising in setting up solicitors’ practices/ABS and litigation.

“I was the principal of Charles Gregory Associates Solicitors up to 2008.  Since then I have relocated the office to Hammersmith and diversified into other areas of law. I am currently the managing director of Charles Gregory Solicitors Ltd."

“My goal was to turn my practice into a pro-active entity that can adapt to the needs of it’s clients. I believe in producing a model of excellence! I will continue to strive to do this. I am very ambitious and believe there is always room for improvement.”

"I am immensely grateful to my wonderful staff who are professional, caring and hard working. I have a great team and we all strive to provide a great service for our clients."

"I am creating a model of excellence."