Protecting Your Leasehold Interest

Our Commercial Property Services

We offer a professional service for the individuals and the businesses to make the process of buying or selling of business premises, leasehold as well as freehold, faster and efficient. Our dedicated property lawyers will assist you in every step of the way from initial advice to the post completion matters.

  • Our main objective is to ensure a one-to-one contact point with your lawyer and a transparent pricing structure so there are no surprises.
  • We understand the importance of keeping you informed in every stages of the transaction.
  • Our clients include individuals based in the UK and overseas. We are also proud to serve small to medium businesses (SMEs).

Our commercial property lawyers can assist you in

  • Lease for businesses - shops, café’s, restaurants etc
  • Acquisition of an existing or a new lease
  • Lease extension and renewals
  • Dealing with Landlords and Surveyors
  • Lease transfer and Assignment

Our commercial property services include

  • Acquiring or Granting a New Lease

    Often it is one of the first steps in starting a business. It pays to get specialist advice: leases are lengthy documents and tricky to negotiate without assistance. We can advise you on the varies aspects of the whole process and negotiate the terms on your behalf, which includes - rent payments, rent reviews and obligations to repair property etc. We also deal with Stamp Duty and Land Registry matters

  • Acquiring an Existing Lease

    We can review the terms and advise you on the liabilities you are taking when you are in the process of acquiring an existing lease. Our advice aims to identify potential risks and pitfalls which a non suspecting buyer may not be aware of, for example, condition of the property and existing breaches. We will assist you to make an informed decision and recommend solution to any obstacle you may face.

  • Lease Extensions and Renewals

    Whether you are the landlord or the tenant - renewing your existing lease at the end of its current term can become stressful for a business owner and expensive if right advice is not being sought. We take full charge of the process and advise our clients through out every step of the way. We also deal with the chartered surveyors.

  • Lease Assignments

    When you wish to sell your business and transfer your lease, you need a property lawyer who has expertise dealing with a wide range of issues the buyer might want to consider. We can advise you in the process and lead you though a smooth transfer process. At the same time, when you are the landlord and your tenant is asking your consent to assign the lease, we can advise you on checking suitability of the proposed tenant and other due diligence.

  • Granting Subleases

    We advise landlords, tenants and sub lessees who wish to sublet leasehold property.

  • Freehold Commercial Property

    We represent landlords and property investors in selling or buying freehold properties where existing leasehold interest are involved. This process can become quite complex depending on the circumstances; we can advise and assist you during the whole process making sure all of your objectives are met.

We also advise on:

  • Sale of business assets.
  • Assignment of Goodwill.
  • Purchase and sale of unincorporated business.
  • Transfer of Employees under the TUPE Regulations.

At Charles Gregory Solicitors we provide a bespoke legal service, working hard to meet your specific priorities and keeping you informed throughout your transaction.

Whether you are thinking of buying an existing lease premises for your business or selling your property please contact us for a no obligation quote.